Thursday, April 13, 2006

I am THAT Lady

fluffy mop dog
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I am that lady, you know, the middle aged Mom that screams at kids from her porch when she sees them being bad. It felt so good do do something assertive. I usually am a "yes" man. Today though, I sprung up on auto-pilot, my adreneline was pumping, my heart pounded and I flew out the front door and onto the porch in under five seconds.

Noah was sleeping so I was getting some dishes done. Out the window, some kids went by across the street. A couple on bikes and one boy was riding a Razor scooter being pulled by a dog. I thought that wasn't very nice to the poor dog but kept on washing. THEN, I head the boy yell, the dog ran too fast and he feel off his scooter onto the grass. The kid started hitting his dog! He was litterally beating him!!!

This is when I flew out there. In my loudest, most authoritative I said; "Little boy, you do NOT hit your dog! That is abuse, what is wrong with you!?" He just looked at me, but I gave that kid the stare of death and stood right there on my porch for a good two minutes until they were out of sight around the corner.

This kid was 9 or 10, he knows it's wrong to hit animals. I worry about that poor dog. Even though I'm now that lady, I have also become Super Lauren, Defender of animals everywhere and I kind of like it.


Jonathan said...

Good for you.

Kendra Lynn said...

You go, Lauren! I hate it when people are cruel to their animals!!!
Keep it up. :)
Soon you will be known as the Lady with the Death Stare. :)
Go girl! :)

Judy said...

Whoo hoo Lauren! Puppies everywhere are barking your praises today! Way to be a dog-lover!