Wednesday, March 29, 2006

David & Blythe

They sound like an indie band, right? But they're not! They're our friend David from college and his fiancee Blythe, and now they live in Oregon. They were home for a (lovely) shower this weekend and then they came over to meet Noah. Aren't they great?

Look at this: Blythe had a total calming effect on Noah. I've never seen him this relaxed before, but he is clearly in love. She just put him in the Vulcan mind meld or whatever and he unwound. Sadly, they had to go back to Portland, even though I offered to build them an apartment over the garage.

We weren't left empty-handed though. They gave us this really wonderful, fresh coffee from a local Portland roaster. It's very good (and super-strong!), and if you want to try it you can stop by order it here.


cousin halle said...

So you have multiple "how bourgeois" fans in Portland! You should see what they can do with microfoam at the Stumptown coffee shops. Latte of a Lifetime.

Jonathan said...

It sounds fantastic. Any chance we'll see you at my parents in a few weeks?

Judy said...

They are an adorable couple!