Wednesday, February 01, 2006

The Zen Office

I walked into my office this morning and immediately wished it were completely different. We're lucky to be working on so many different projects right now that they are spilling out all over - but it means that there is just so much stuff on my desk. I see a dozen file folders, 8 post-its, 6 catalogs, at least 150 business cards waiting to be scanned, and a whole lot of samples - blinged iPods, cellular accessories, leather holsters, etc.

I stopped and visualized a Japanese Zen garden, just some gravel, a few rocks, and maybe a 3 or 4 stalks of grass. This is the space I need to meditate and reflect on our car chargers, or on just how to approach Tom Jones for a line of licensed MP3 player cases.

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Jonathan said...

By the way, I don't know what it is about the word "productivity" in the poll that triggers this, but every targeted ad when you view the results is about s-e-x! The internet has a one-track mind.

Lauren said...

Sorry dear, for some reason my browser is showing the poll icon as all black. I can't read the words that say "yes" or "no" so I'll have to vote from your computer later.

I can't start any project unless everything is exactly in it's proper spot. I'm a borderline OCD control freak with my "systems" of doing things. That said, I think things can be in their place but still visible for inspiration, reminders, etc.. Maybe you should clean it all up, organize, but keep it out where you can see it. Make an inspiration wall with samples, color palettes, fabric swatches and bling.

robbz said...

You should get a 20 dollar zen fountain at bbbyond for yer office.

Jacob said...

I don't think that clutter equals productivity but sometimes it leads to the perception of productivity. I know a guy who used to clean his desk all the time and make sure everything was put away where it needed to be. People in the office thought that meant he had nothing to do and so they would pile more work on him. He found that he would have to do less of other peoples' work by keeping a messy desk. So perhaps the answer isn't that clutter leads to productivity but it does make other people think that you have your own shit to do. Then they will leave you alone and how can you get more Zen than that.

Judy said...

I am quite anal about this - if I can't start with a clean slate, I'm not starting at all.