Sunday, February 26, 2006

A Thousand Words

Sometimes a picture says a thousand words. I thought this photo I took this morning could tell a bunch of stories. What do you think is going on?

What was really happening was that Jon was cleaning up after making Noah some eggs. Which by the way he didn't eat! Toddlers are so weird.

Noah came in because he was upset to see that Jon had taken the child safety lock off of the cupboard below the sink. Noah has an eagle eye for this. For some crazy reason, if the lock is OFF, he goes in and puts it back ON!!! Huh!? Noah has opened both of the kinds of locks we own, he figured them out in a day, so, in addition to the locks, we just need to watch him. It's ok though, because for the most part, he likes order and that means "locks on". You go Noah!

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Judy said...

We don't have locks on our cabinets, but we DO have big rubber bands. Tyler LOVES to pull the door open and watch them snap back. Yeah, I'm sure it is REALLY safe, but he's having a good time and no one has gotten hurt (yet).