Saturday, February 25, 2006

It's a Miracle!

It's a miracle! Noah actually ate tonight! He hadn't been really interested in eating for a few days, just some apple sauce here or there and other small bites. We've been giving him pediasure and formula to make sure he's getting some nutrients. Then tonight at dinner her ate! We even gave him some jello as desert. I guess having some food in his stomach made him feel much better, because he had the best time playing in the bathroom before bed time. Ok everyone, cross your fingers that Noah is really feeling better and that Noah, Dad and I actually get some sleep tonight!


Judy said...

Glad to hear he is eating! Hope you all get some much needed rest tonight (when they are sick, the WHOLE HOUSE knows it!).

Kendra Lynn said...

Yah! Noah is feeling better! Merry and Kelsey and Auntie Kendra are so glad! Can't wait to see him and squeeze him next Sunday!

Auntie Kendra