Monday, February 20, 2006

The Detroit Zoo

I was going to write about the possibility of the Detroit Zoo closing, but instead I want to point to an eloquent piece of writing on the topic from Jeremy. I think the reality is that I am too sad and angry that we might lose such a huge gift to our area to write a long diatribe.

Let me just say this: The Detroit Zoo, which we belong to and enjoy year-round, is a treasure for the people of Detroit, and the State of Michigan, and people from Ohio and Indiana and all over the place who come to see the polar bears and the penguins and the camels. It does not belong to the city of Detroit, it belongs to the world. Detroit is just entrusted with taking care of it. That we might all lose it typifies the regressive, thoughtless politics that define our state. Frankly, I don't care about the politics, I just want to take my kid to the zoo. So figure out a way to keep it open.

I guess that was a rant after all. Here's another one.


Judy said...

Wow, I guess I just assumed that zoos weren't part of city government, but under closer scrutiny, I've found all of our zoos in Texas (or at least the three I know of) are somehow linked to local government. We have a wildlife ranch here in New Braunfels, though, that is privately owned. Not as extensive as a zoo, but you do get to see animals in their native habitat, and quite a few, including exotics. I hope it works out because my favorite part about this time of year in Texas is the zoo - the animals are so much fun and the schools never do field trips because of the uncertain weather. If the zoo there does come to some sort of untimely demise (and shame on the city for letting it be so if that is the case), you can always come down here and "do zoo" with us!

Kendra Lynn said...

What in the world??? How can they justify causing the zoo to close? What about US??? I take the girls to the zoo at least a couple times every year...I don't want to drive to Toledo every time I want to go to the zoo! Who do I write a ranting letter to???


Jeremy said...

Thanks for the link - I was on my way to feeling better, until I opened up the Freep this morning to read another line from the city council that just got me going again (you can see the follow-up post on my site).

But through the anger, there is a definite underlying sadness, that yet another one of our cultural treasures will be taken away from us. I love the zoo, I love going there with my family, I love the city of Detroit.

The city council, no doubt, isn't handing over the zoo because they feel it makes them look like they aren't able to take care of things.
But why close it? Will that make them look better?

Ugh, sorry for ranting, again.