Wednesday, February 15, 2006

College Cases: now on

One unanticipated side-effect of messing up my anniversary is that, because yesterday was also cookie delivery day at my office, I ate a whole box of tagalongs while I stressed about whether or not the same-day topiary I ordered for Lauren was going to show up. It did not, by the way, but they did replace it with a lovely assortment of pink plants. A recap of our conversation, as I recall it:

Teleflora: We're calling about the topiary you ordered online.
Jonathan: (muffled expletive deleted) Sure, what's up?
T: The local florist doesn't have it in stock. Can we replace it with something else?
J: Uh...nuts.
T: Sir?
J: I mean, sure, as long as you have something beautiful and pink. The person I ordered this for really likes pink. Do you have pink?
T: We'll replace it with something she'll really like.

And they did! It didn't show until 7, but hey, same-day flower delivery? This gets you out of trouble. Men, bookmark this:, and put this number in your phone right now: 800-835-3356. I have to say, given the level of service the prices are pretty good.

This brings me to my real point: because I was so stressed, I forgot to mention that licensed college cellular phone cases are now available on!! Judy, this link is for you. Paul and Robb, here. Mom and Dad, here. Daniel, here. Ilya, Lauren, Craig, Tom, Nate, Sarah, George, here. Goldy - you're the only person I know who wants a Cornell case. Sorry.

I'm not kidding, these are H-O-T hot and they are in stock and ready for March Madness. The catch is that while there are a lot more on their way to stores, the only place you can get all 47 schools currently in inventory is, and I can't guarantee they'll last. They're so new that there's no product copy written yet, so here are the vitals:

  • Lifetime guarantee, call 877-fonegear (366-3432) with questions
  • Universal size to fit most flip and bar cell phones
  • Return within 30 days if not fully satisfied
  • Beautiful molded rubber relief logo with stunning detail and color
  • More teams on the way
Order early and often, and tell your friends!

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Judy said...



Seriously, you would know that I am wearing my very awesome National Champs Longhorns T-shirt today...I am so in the mood!

I cannot WAIT for March to get here!

Lauren said...

OMG! YOU...ate a whole box of girl scout cookies!? YOU, the guy who has never ate a whole box of anything? The guy who can eat three potato chips and be satisfied! I am SO sorry that you were that stressed. It shows how much you care about my happiness and while I was very happy when my plant came and I do love how pink it is, I'm really sorry that I caused you such stress. Thank you for being such a sweetie and THANK YOU SO much for not bring home the rest of our girl scout cookie order like I ask. I am the one who would surely eat the whole box if it was around!

Jeremy said...

Any plans on a Western Michigan cell phone case?

If so, lemme know!

Hey, this actually just inspired me to write a post - thanks!

Jonathan said...

Hope so. We keep adding new cases all the time.

Kristin said...

I had to investigate further to make sure there was a Duke case -- I'm very glad to see there was! I personally think it should be on your page in place of the Maryland one, but at least it's not a Carolina case. =)

Sarah said...

Dude, how could you not showcase your faithful Spartans? They took your money and gave you a piece of paper to show for it. And a few hangovers. And hooked you up with one hot babe for life. Where is your loyalty?

I admit that I am quite naive when it comes to college logos, but as far as I can tell, Sparty is way cooler than that crocodile, half-bird/half-tornado, or that freaky ninja turtle looking thing you chose to display.