Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Which One!?

Hey Moms,
I'm looking for some input. So for Christmas/Chanukah I'm going to ask for a hip or back sling to carry Noah around in. I've noticed when I carry him, Noah seems more content. It's not that he doesn't play on his own sometimes or ride in the stroller or shopping cart, there's just moments when I need to get things done (ie. vacuum) and don't want to leave him in the playroom alone. Noah's not the type of guy to play within eyesight when I'm trying to do the dishes and such, he just takes off to explore. Noah is active. I know all toddlers are active, but Noah is what some may coin as "spirited". I don't want to label him, but a book I read by Dr. Sears describes his personality to a tea. That said, Dr. Sears suggests for intense little guys like Noah, carrying them around sometimes, snuggly and close to you has an over all calming effect on their intensity. It's true, I've noticed him first hand become calmer, relaxed, and more able to focus after carrying him around durring housework for a half hour or so. When I was done carrying him, he played on his own very nicely focusing and not bouncing around.

Sooooo....I just can't decide which sling to ask for. I need something comfortable and easy on my back. I think it's the Preemax hip carrier, sold over at BabiesR'Us that I looked at online. It has pockets, very urban and sporty, I looks a littel rough on the shoulder though. I'm also very intrigues by the soft slings and wraps. Things like hotslings and maya wraps. I have a baby backpack but after a while, the almost 25lbs of Noah is a lot. Do any of you know if wrap slings help balence out the weight across your back?

I even made a wrap last spring in hopes of saving money. It just wasn't the right fabric, it had no give and soon the seams began to almost rip.

If anyone out there has had exeperience with wraps and carriers that they liked or disliked, could you let me know? Thanks!


Judy said...

I have a sling that a dear friend made me (she makes them as a business) is similar to a Maya sling but not as pricey. I LOVE IT. I couldn't function without it. What I love most about it, though, is that they are rated for up to 40 or 50 pounds - Tyler's at 28 right now. So, I definitely needed something that was made for bigger boys!

It is definitely better on my back. I still have to lift him, but the weight is distributed over more of my back, shoulders and sides, so it isn't so bad. Now, if you don't wear it correctly and get too far up on the neck, it isn't fun at all.

Mine has pockets - it folds into itself to slip into the diaper bag, it is easy to wash, and those pockets are awesome. I put my wallet, keys a toy, the travel wipes and my shopping list and we're off to the store.

I HIGHLY recommend a sling. I've seen the wraps, they look much simpler, but I'm just loving my sling.

Other plusses of the sling - so many different ways to carry them! WE're just now starting to carry him in it piggy-back and it is wonderful! He also sits on my hip, naps on my chest and used to nurse in it (but we don't do the mommy stuff anymore - whoo hooo). My older son used it when we went to Wassailfest - it was so cold and he forgot his jacket. WE just wrapped it around him like a blanket and it worked like a charm! It has been an emergency burp cloth, pillow, towel, and blanket. The thing is awesome.

Yes, I am biased, biased, biased, but I wouldn't get anything else!

Judy said...

Forgot - Maya has a series of videos on their site for using slings and wraps - I found it very helpful with my own sling!

Kendra Lynn said...

I hope you find one that works, Lauren.
I never used one, but I did notice that holding Kelsey close calmed her down...still does sometimes.
Love you.

Laura said...

I've never used a sling or a wrap for Caitlin. I did use a Baby Bjorn when she was young and she loved it. I wore it on an airplane trip (4 hours total) and she slept the whole time! It was wonderful! :)
I hope that you can find something that works for you & Noah. I have many friends who have used a sling and have loved them, but I have no personal advice.

Bree said...

I am loving my hotsling! They aren't too pricey, but I am not sure how well it will work when Aidan is a toddler. Right now I carry him in the cradle hold, so we'll see. If you can find an attachment parenting group around you, I know sometimes they pile all their slings together on a special night and you can try all the different ones on to see which you like best. I don't know if they do that in Michigan though...

TulipGirl said...

I had a Maya Pouch (before they made them adjustable) that I loooooved and used constantly. What I like about the pouch is that you can wear it all day, it isn't bulky, and it is easy to pop your little one in and out of it.

Personally, I like to support work-at-home-moms, but I don't have any one WAHM to recommend for wraps/slings/pouches.

Some websites I like about slings are:

Kangaroo Korner has a whole section on choosing a sling.

TulipGirl said...

Errr. . . I recommended the GCM site because it has a lot of good info. But then I realized you are coming from a different religious/cultural viewpoint, and *blush* I didn't mean to offend!

Jonathan said...

You didn't offend at all, I think it's a really interesting site.

Lauren said...

Hi Tulipgirl! I'm so sorry that I didn't see your comments until today. Thank you for your input, it much appreciated and I'm going to go through all of your sites! You didn't offend at all. :) Thanks so much again!
Lauren :)