Thursday, December 29, 2005

But Thank God He Doesn't Have To

How did we know that when this happened, it would be food related?

Noah has been pulling himself up on stuff forever, and cruising on the furniture since July. So when he finally decided to stand by himself today, we were naturally overjoyed. The big surprise (or is it?) is that he just stood there, eating an apple and smiling. He didn't wobble, he didn't flop over two seconds later, he just stood there eating for a couple minutes while I went to get the camera.

People have been telling us that Noah is the type of kid who will just stand up and run one day. I didn't quiet believe them, but seeing Noah stand up and get a snack today is starting to make me wonder.

It reminds me of the old joke:

A rich lady drives up to the Fontainebleau Hotel in Miami Beach. When the bell boys come out to get her bags, and she tells one to take her suitcases, one to park her Cadillac, and one to carry her four year old son into the hotel.

This third bell boy stops and asks, 'What's wrong, can't he walk ? ' The lady says 'Yes, but thank God he doesn't have to !'


Laura said...

Congratulations Noah on checking off another milestone! Watch out Mom & Dad, he'll be on the run soon! :)

Kendra Lynn said...

Merry was finally forced to walk when Mommy's pregnant Kelsey belly got to big to carry her! Otherwise we might be like the rich lady and her son. LOL
Congrats to Noah on standing while eating! :)

Judy said...

My bet is that he'll be walking by next week- he looks very proud of himself (and I know you are, too!).