Saturday, October 01, 2005

Yes Please!

Here are some neat things that I salivated over at the mall today...
Well, thank you! I have to say I like it also myself.
Oh I know, it is cool, huh?
THESE? I found THEM at J. Jill online, but I also like THESE from Target and THESE from Delia's. Then again, maybe THESE Rocket Dogs...
Oh my gosh! I love MINE too!!!

This is stuff that I would say to people on the street when they complimented me on these things...I mean, if I ever owned them.


Laura said...

Lauren, cool stuff. I loved J. Jill (they opened one at 12 Oaks right before we left) before Caitlin. Now, I'm still trying to get my pre-baby body back, not that it was that great. ;)
Which mall did you shop at by the way?

Lauren said...

Hi Laura!!
Oh yeah,pre-baby's still just a dream. I need to get into better shape than I was back then though. I like J.Jill too! We were at 12 Oaks because they have a Delia's store, but I know then also have a J.Jill at Sommerset. By the way, Caitie's room is adorable! It must be fun to decorate with girlie things. :) Sorry, when I read your post, Noah was at my feet and I didn't have much time to comment. I often just "read and run". Miss you guys lots!!! Lauren :)

Judy said...

I love those clothes! Wish we had more of a reason to wear boots here - we'll be in shorts and sandals until December. No kidding - most holidays are spent in short-sleeved shirts and barefooted!