Monday, October 03, 2005

Truth in Signage

When I need my dry-cleaning done, I go to a couple of different locations of a national dry-cleaning chain, because they are usually pretty fast and they often get the order right. I try to avoid the one near my house, because they frequently press a crease into the side of my pants instead of the front, but they're good with my sweaters. This morning I dropped a suit off at the place near my office so I could wear it to Rosh Hashanah services tomorrow. They asked if Wednesday was OK.

"Well, it's kind of a rush. I'd like to wear it tomorrow."

Blank stare, then a scowl.

"Fine. But you can't get it until after 4."

Well, OK then. But you know, it does say in your company's name that you can get it done in an hour. A whole business day should be no problem. I can get it done in three days anywhere, don't make me start planning ahead.


Laura said...

Let me guess...ONe Hour Martinizing? (sp?) They are a fraud. I took one of Ben's suits to the one by our place in Walled Lake and told them that I needed it back by 8am the following morning. BIG hassle apparently and they wanted to charge me more. I'm thinking that stuff that you use in your dryer might save a lot of trouble!

Jonathan said...

Well, I'm not naming names. I'm just saying that if you are specifically advertising a service in the name of your company, then deliver it.

And that's, one to grow on.

Judy said...

Seriously, unless you have stains or "stuff" on your suit, I'd use one of those in-the-dryer bags....they do great as long as you aren't trying to remove junk from your clothes!

Jonathan said...

Well, I danced a lot in it at Yuko's wedding. Not a bad idea to get it cleaned before I sit next to fellow congregants for a couple hours.

I will take your advice though and try out the bags on some other stuff. Thanks for the tip.

Sarah said...

Sorry to hear you got all stinky karaoking...those crazy Japanese weddings...

If you're still looking, Huntington Cleaners (www.huntington will pick up & drop off @ your house. I've never tried them, but heard good things. We like Camelot (drive-thru window, seemingly competent staff) on Coolidge & 11-1/2.