Saturday, October 08, 2005

No, I am Not Drunk!

What do Moms with ADD do after the baby has gone to bed on a Saturday night? Well, not this, but I do. In the middle of cleaning out my bedroom closet, I found myself surrounded by random items of clothing, so I decided to put together my best "Non-No" outfit. For those of you who don't know, "Non-No" is my favorite magazine. It's a Japanese fashion magazine for girls, well, a bit younger than me. Let's just say I'm approaching their target market cut off age real fast. I'm looking totemo Harajuku Nee!? Please excuse the annoying self-portraits. I am usually not so vain.

Harajuku de kaimono shimashou! (Thank you Atsuhiro desu)

The Mothership is coming to beam me up.

Peace out.


Judy said...

Girl, you are having WAAAAAY too much fun for a Saturday night! Tone it down! You'll wake up the neighbors!

Tee hee!

I love it!

Laura said...

Hehehe, funny! You may look goofy but, honestly Lauren, you're SO pretty! :)

Kendra Lynn said...

Oh LAUREN! You are hilarious!
Thanks for makin' me smile. :)

Paul said...

Hey Hot Momma!
Saquchauia's got nothin' on YOU... :)