Tuesday, October 25, 2005

A Little Noah Update

Well, it's official, not only does Noah now have his first real shoes, but also his first, real winter coat! I looked everywhere in the past month for a coat that was warm, fit well and was tough enough for lots of playing in the snow. I finally found THIS coat at Baby Gap. I need to order a size that was out of stock at our local store. It came by UPS today, I was a little more excited then Noah.

In other news, Noah has a new word. He can now say "Bye bye" when waving goodbye. Today I caught him waving at and chatting up a large plant blowing in the wind outside the window. He thought it was waving back. Maybe he thought it was hitting on him.

Also, Noah is very into singing right now. La-la-la-la, he goes around singing in a high pitched voice. I usually start the Elmo song or the Itsy Bitsy Spider and he joins in with La-la's.

Finally, I think we'll have a walker soon! Noah is really getting around with his baby walker. The problem is at home, there's not alot of room to walk without furniture getting in the way. He tries though, but I wish you could see him go at our baby gym playgroup. Noah can walk all around the large room with their walker. He's very fast!

I often avoid restaurants with Noah these days because sometimes it's just hard, especially when he doesn't feel like sitting. Today I decided to try again and take Noah for a little "Lunch Date". He was a good mood and ready to eat, so we ran over to our local Coney Island. I'm so proud to say that Noah was such a good boy. He even ate a grilled cheese sandwhich and had a glass of milk with a straw. I love my good boy, we need to go on "Lunch Dates" together more often.

Oh! Please pardon the odd exposure on some of the pictures. I had the wrong setting on the camera.

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Judy said...

Wow - Tyler REFUSES to wave or say bye-bye, although he did manage to do it a few times at his party this past weekend. Most of the time, though, he just scowls and turns his head away. What a silly boy!

That coat is GREAT - I wish we had weather that would justify a coat like that!