Friday, October 14, 2005

Joshua Came Over To Play!

It was his usual hunger strike. Only Kix cereal would he permit to pass his lips. At least Joshua wanted to eat!

Hey, if you give me your Kix, I'll give you my cherrios!

Joshua liked his stew.

That was a good lunch!

Sleeping is for babies, we want to play!

Two friends not napping.

Talk to the hand!

Joshua has beautiful eyes just like his Mom's.

Eh hem! Noah, no grabbing!

Joshua claimed the loudest rattle and the blow up ball as his and played with them all morning.

1 comment:

Judy said...

First of all, Noah looks like King of the Mountain sitting on top of the table like that! HAHA Does he not try to rock the chair back and forth? If Tyler's isn't tethered down to something, he rolls himself over.

I WISH I could get Tyler to eat something even minutely nutritious like that Kix cereal. Unfortunately, we've developed quite a taste for the cheese puff.

The pics of Joshua and Noah in the crib are priceless. Like you thought they'd get some sleep! HAHA What a funny one!

Have a great weekend!