Saturday, October 08, 2005


Well, I am happy to report it has finally happened! Jon and I took Noah out and he pretty well. We were shocked. Almost no crying spells or tantrums, not too much wiggling and he only refused to get into his carseat twice. He went into his stroller with no problem. I can't tell you how refreshing this has all been! I'm a new woman and I think Jon is a guy now! Sure the two places we went, one Noah got to eat some good, new food and the other he was able to play and crawl around,but it still was an accomplishment.

We took Noah out to lunch a "kid friendly" Noodles.

Isn't Royal Oak a nice place? That is Bastone across the street.

Dad's something or other...

Noah's Mac N' Cheese

A cucumber,tomato and onion salad.

That was a satisfying meal.

Here's Noah once again at his favorite spot in his favorite coffee shop, caribou. Don't worry, I know what you are thinking. No hot coffee was hurt during this shoot.

Where can I buy hot coffee cup guards in bulk? Noah seems to think they are super cool.

Why, it's everyone's favorite barista Elaine! She gave Noah some cardboard thing and it was instant love. What a great ad for Caribou Coffee


Jonathan said...

What does this mean? Please explain.

"I think Jon is a guy now!"

Thank you.

Judy said...

HAHA Jon - you have achieved guy-status! Congrats!

Love the pics, as usual. That bowl of mac is about as big as Noah!

Whose salad is that - onion, cucumber and tomato? Not Noah's I hope! ONION???