Thursday, October 20, 2005

Carve your Pumpkin Without the Mess!

Heard of Pumpkins
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Carve your pumpkin without the mess! HERE'S a cool site I came across. You can virtually cave a pumpkin. It's actually quite cool. Once you're done, print it out or e-mail it along as a Halloween greeting.Just an FYI,this doesn't make up for carving the real thing. Don't be a halloween "Ba-hum-bugger".

Heard of Pumpkins
Originally uploaded by HelenJr. (Sorry Helen!)

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Laura said...

Because my parents no longer have kids at home, they are skipping the traditional gooey pumpkin carving activities for a more "adult" version. They brought a sort of stryofoam pumpkin that you can carve using special knives from Michael's. I guess the plan is to carve one every year and then have a whole set of pumpkins to display. Me, I'd still rather run thru a pumpkin patch any day looking for "The Great Pumpkin"!