Thursday, September 01, 2005

Gas Line

At lunch today I waited in line with about 70 other people for gas at Costco, at $2.99 the cheapest in the area by about 15-40 cents a gallon.

I don't want to complain too much about this, because I have been reading about the horrific humanitarian crisis occurring in New Orleans, and $3 gas is not a physical hardship in comparison. Unless you have to choose between filling your tank and getting lunch. Or school supplies. There are probably a lot of people who are having to make that trade-off now, or more difficult ones. Our homes did not just get washed away though, so our collective burden is a lot less right now.

That said, does it seem as though that the producers and the retailers are taking advantage of the war and this natural disaster? I will be genuinely surprised if the shareholders reports next year do not reflect new record profits for the oil companies, despite alleged fuel shortages we are undergoing currently.


Anonymous said...
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Jonathan said...

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Kendra Lynn said...

Scott says he thinks this gas thing will get worse before its over with.
It cost us almost 58 dollars to fill up our van today.

But you are right, there are many, many more people who are worse off than us right now.
I thank God that my family is okay.

Laura said...

Have any of you seen the movie "Oilstorm" that was on TNT a few month's back. It was a scary twist on reality--about what would happen if there was a gas shortage and gas raised to an unbelievable $7+/gallon. In light of current prices, this movie doesn't seem so far off.

I, too, am glad that my family is safe and sound. I plan to donate some $$ to the Red Cross. If it were possible, I'd physically go down and help.

Heading out to the pumps here in Montrose. I'm prepared to spend $40 to fill up my Grand Am.