Thursday, August 25, 2005

Oil breaks record at $68

"I'm going to get a Jeep Grand Cherokee to support local industry and tote around my new young cargo."


In fairness to my decision, the lease under $200 with employee pricing and the insurance savings from not driving an Acura anymore are $500/year. I guess that offsets the fact that the Jeep is currently averaging 14 Miles per gallon in city driving, if the dash computer is to be believed. I can't even figure out why they put that feature in the car, it is extremely demoralizing to look at.

What chafes me though is that I am getting lousy mileage with the V6 engine, which I chose because I wanted to economize. I am kicking myself for not getting us V8 to enjoy listening to while we burn dinosaurs around Detroit.

I really like everything else about this Jeep. I love the space. It has a great stereo. There is lots of room on the back window for crazy stickers. It does get above 20 MPG on the highway, which I am almost never on. I can fit a stroller and all of our luggage for a week in the back.

On balance, I would do this again because we can't afford an Audi Allroad Quattro in Alpaca Beige Metallic with Ecru/Light Brown cricket leather, and the Jeep is extremely practical for moving a baby and a bunch of stuff. I just wish that I didn't need to buy petroleum futures to hedge against my commute.

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Judy said...

Wow, your mileage is good - my beast gets about 12 in town, 15 on the highway (Navigator - I know, I know, pretentious snob-mobile, but IT WAS A GOOD DEAL! I promise!!!)...I would love to see 16!

But, yes, I agree - those computerized "here's your mpg" things bug me to pieces.