Wednesday, August 31, 2005

More Photos from Masayuki Monchichi

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Yeah! Masa finally sent me some more pictures with his new camera. This is Masa's nephew Keito, he's only about 5 months younger than Noah. Isn't he cute!? Maybe someday the two babies can be penpals! Noah will send Keito Twinkies and Keito will send Noah glutenous rice balls. Yes!

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Note: Even Japanese Dads wear madras shirts too. (That's Masa's Dad)

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Mt. Fugi as taken from somewhere near or in Masa's home town, Kawaguchiko. How beautiful. Um..what the heck is that though? A backyard? A backyard gravel pit?

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Heck! We should all move to Japan. Look how nice their outlet malls are, Gees!


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Japan is an amazing place - he looks like a very sweet little boy!

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