Monday, August 15, 2005

Happy 9 Months Little Guy!

Enjoying an evening swing.

Watching little kids.

Watching big kids.

I love this deer binkie.

Dear Noah,

No! No! No! I'm not ready! Please stop! I can't have you be nine months old already! Please, slow down! As another month goes by and fall, the season you were born in is approaching quickly, I feel a bit of sadness. My little baby is now becoming my little guy and there is nothing I can do. Noah, nine months is symbolic because it's the same amount of time you lived in me. You have now lived in your new apartment as long as your old apartment! It is also special because you are 3/4 of a year old. So when someone asks you how old you are, you can hold up one finger all the way to your last Knuckle. As an added bonus, on our year and a half anniversary yesterday, Daddy pointed out that you are now exactly half as old as our marriage. Wow! Stop everyone! I know you're doing the math in your heard right now. It was legal, it was legal....

I guess I need to suck it up and deal with you getting older. I mean, next month you'll be in double digits, that's the big time! For now though, as long as I can, I will smell what little baby smelling hair you have on your head. I won't forget to squeeze your thighs and nibble your little sausage arms each day. I won't take for granted that you'll still let me sing songs and bounce you on my lap and feed you tiny bits of my dinner. I'm going to try to make a mental note of your tiny giggle and the way you call me in the morning from your crib. I'll be sure to take one last peek at night because someday you'll be in a dorm room instead of across the hall.

While I'm sad you are growing bigger and stronger, I am also more proud of you than you could ever know. Well, someday you'll know, when you have children of your own. This past month has brought so many new things. What strikes me the most is your new found sense of self. Noah, you know you can do things now and you understand what is ok to do and what is not. You test Daddy and I and when we say "No" you turn and flash us the biggest, most devilish grin. It's almost impossible not to laugh. You practice your autonomy in most things you do, but as soon as I leave the room, you need me. That's the other thing this month has brought, clinginess. It's not that I mind so much, but Mommies have to pee too! If I leave the room, only for a second, you usually start to whine at the gate. You now won't let just anyone hold you and you cry once in a while if you think I'm about to pass you off to a new person. It's nice to be needed, but we're working on this stranger anxiety/clingy stuff. I know it's just a phase.

Here are just a few of all the amazing new things you have learned this month. You make us so proud.....

*Just days after your 8 month birthday you started to cruise! Daddy and I found you walking around in your crib. Now any furniture is fair game. You like to cruise along the couch best.
* You can crawl pretty quickly now and on all fours. It's weird though, you would much rather army crawl than crawl on your knees. When there is something to cruise on, you seem to choose that over crawling anyway.
*You crawled down a whole flight of stairs at Nana's and climbed the stair arch at Playaway. You also try to climb your slide and love sliding down too!
*Noah you have developed a great fondness for baby swings, we try to take you as many evenings as we can to our local park. Daddy says I push you too high, but you love it!
*You shocked us this month by picking up your straw cup after not giving it to you for a couple of weeks. You just stuck the thing in your mouth and started drinking! Now you love your Dora cup, it goes all over with us. You have gotten the sippy cup down too. Your favorite drink...yogurt banana smoothie.
*Speaking of eating, one of your favorite things is to eat. You have your Daddy's love of all foods and your Mommy's appetite. Actually, you have her thighs too. This month you have decided that your favorites are yogurt, yogurt, yogurt, broccoli and chicken. You also have eaten your fair share of pureed spinach and a teeny tiny brioche bread that a nice woman gave you at a French bakery. Today I gave you two pieces of Apple Jax cereal, don't tell Daddy.
*Speaking of speaking, you now look at Daddy sometimes and say "Dada". You say "mama", but usually to your hand and "Bu" to me. The cat is just "Aaaaaaaaaaaghhh!"
*Oh! Your new one this month is "Hi". Nana caught you waving and saying "Hi" to a baby on TV. Your wave is very avant guard, I like it.
*One more pretty neat thing that comes to mind is you are great at standing now. You hold on to things not to support you but just out of habit. Daddy and I took pictures of you standing with a toy lawn mower that couldn't support a squirrel. You had no idea how amazed we were.

Well little guy, it is the end of another long day. It's time to take one last peek at you, cover you and say goodnight. We love you. Sleep tight.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Great post, you really have a knack for writing. Please keep up the good work. Believe it or not, people like me DO read these things!
Sam Freedom

(Marketing message Jonathan-deleted)

Jonathan said...

"Sam Freedom" is right, this is a great post. But like I said in my comments yesterday, no more anonymous marketing comments. I did enjoy his thoughts though so I just re-posted his comment without the link.

Anonymous said...
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Kendra Lynn said...

Jonathan forgot to delete that last comment...and I had to read it. :(
Wow, Lauren, that was a great post.
I know how you feel.
Meredith is three now, and I feel like my baby is gone forever. :(
Its sad, but sweet.
Take heart, he will ALWAYS be your baby, no matter what, he'll just be your BIG baby. ;)

p.s. I think Noah's thighs are much bigger than yours!

Anonymous said...
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Laura said...

*sob sob* Seriously, I was crying while reading that post. It brings back many memories. You guys have so much to look forward to in the months ahead...more milestones, laughter and plain wonder! Happy 9 months Noah!

P.S. Why is it that you get ads on your blog and I haven't gotten a single one?

Judy said...

And the spam bug strikes again...I've got the same issues - so sorry!

WAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!! I am having a hard time typing this through all the tears! What a truly beautiful post. I try not to write these posts each month - I post a picture and that's about it because I just cannot BEAR to sit and try to type it all out. I keep a written journal for Tyler and for Travis, but to sit down and pour my heart out in one sitting on the computer without totally losing it, ain't gonna happen.

Thank you for such a wonderful read this morning. I think we'll go to the park today and swing, too.

Jonathan said...

Hey, it's more than OK to lose it, this is emotional stuff. For me a year ago I did not comprehend how making hundreds of bottles, changing hundreds of diapers, buying little plastic things to put in the outlets, let alone bolting furniture to the wall was going to change my life. For Lauren those numbers are probably in the thousands. Now we watch and talk about every thing Noah does and I am just full of delight and amazement much of the time although I admit it's trying when I am trying to change a diaper and he is hellbent on rolling over, or standing up, or grabbing for its contents. For me the highlight of the month has to be his figuring out how to use a straw, but it's too tough to pick just one moment that stands out. Things are speeding up.

Anonymous said...

Yay Noah!
You've come so far from the little "old man" who couldn't hold his head up!
But Lauren you've neglected some of my favorite accomplishments.
**Noah learns to grab his... uh, anatomy. Thus begins every male's preocupation with... uh, anatomy.
**Noah pees on momma after bath. Thus begins... well, I hope that doesn't begin ANYTHING but its still pretty funny.
Now, all we have to look forward to is talking (namely, I'm looking for "Hi Uncle Paul" but I'll settle for a wave and a "hi" to start), followed shortly with pointing and asking "wat zat?", walking, running (if my guess is right, this will soon follow walking), civil disobedience (starting a long trend I bet), making friends, having arguments with said friends, potty training (can I get a "Wa-hoo" for potty training?), school, more complicated social interaction, puberty, driving, girls, prom, graduation, first job, college, marraige, grand-children, and finally he will nurse you in your golden years as you start to reverse the cycle which is unravelling, daily before you.
In any case, it is sad to see his progression because we love him JUST AS HE IS, but change is as inevitable as the sun's rising every morning. Think of how many blogs we have to look forward to. Prediction: Happy 500 Months Big Guy! This month you learned how to help Uncle P put in his dentures...
Happy 9 Mos. my Man. I look forward to seeing you take the jouney to being man I know you can be, but look forward more to seeing you learn all the steps along the way.
-Uncle P

Anonymous said...

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-Uncle P (sorry, word is advertising here is free!)

aylin said...

After a long day, long run and a long, long cigarette (ultra lights 100's!)- I sat down to read your post.


It will go out on THE LIST tomorrow morning.

Just absolutly refreshing to have someone give you a big ole cup of perspective in the middle of a hectic week.

The real things, Lauren. Youre right, it's all about the real things.

Lauren - thanks for sharin' the love.

Noah - You are the cutest "LIST" kid of all time. (That's just between you and I though - dont want to hurt any feelings and until you start reading and writing - I think I can trust that this wont get back to the other kids!)