Monday, August 15, 2005

G Unit

There was a huge concert at Comerica Park (Tigers) on Friday - more than 40,000 people turned out to see Eminem, 50 Cent, Lil Jon, the guys from G-Unit, and Ma$e (!) perform. Because they are Hardcore, G-Unit kept it real at the Townsend Hotel in Birmingham,
with fine furnishings, luxurious beds and linens, marble bathrooms, and the calm and privacy of a quiet suburban location.

Did I mention the Rugby Grille's (extremely real) "sumptuous menu of innovative American-Continental cuisine"? Or the (very hardcore) bakery that made our wedding cake?

We always get a kick out of seeing who stays in Birmingham for stuff like this. Here are pics of their tour buses idling all day in downtown Birmingham, spotted while we walked to the library:

50 Cent

2 of the 6 buses near the Townsend.

The Crew

G Unit is down with Birmingham's Baldwin Public Library.


Laura said...

Correction--that's the Baldwin Public Library! *raspberries* Lauren, how could you allow such of a mistake?! *wink*

Jonathan said...

Noted, thanks.

Kristin said...

The idea of G Unit buses hanging out in downtown B'ham might just be one of my favorite things ever. Thanks for posting those pictures, Jon, you made my day! =)

Jeremy said...


Anonymous said...

It's all about 248 baby!

-Intern Paul