Monday, August 15, 2005

Fresh Pepper

This is a really interesting blog. I read about its predeccesor "Patent Pending" in Inc. Magazine. Even though it was the August issue, Patent Pending has already vanished and moved to this new blog, "Fresh Pepper." It's a funny read, being about an attorney who lives at home and writes on food, women and rap music. I mean, this is a funny premise to begin with, so all he has to do is write about his life and it's entertaining. Worth checking out.


Anonymous said...

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Jonathan said...

Thanks, but I can't deal with all of the recent comment spam? From now on no more anonymous comments.

Jonathan said...

As it turns out, you cannot choose to eliminate anonymous comments if you want people who are not registered on Blogger to be able to comment. Since I want to maintain an open forum I am leaving comments on for anyone, but from now on I am deleting comments like this as soon as I see them.