Saturday, August 20, 2005

Dream Cruise

So the rain broke (temporarily) and we saw a ton of stuff today. I am breaking it into a few themed posts because there is just too much to look at for one giant one. It was a fun Cruise this year, but the crowd and the cars seemed down this year due to the rain. One unsettling trend that seems to be getting worse is people driving modern, boring cars on Woodward's outside lanes during the cruise. If you want to look up close I think you should take the free shuttle. The outside lanes are for the old and the interesting - not for your Windstar. Anyway enough lecturing, here's the good stuff.


Laura said...

That Elvis car totally rocks! I have a little cousin who would be drooling over it.
Ben & I both were commenting on how we would miss the Dream Cruise again this year. With your pictures, we can almost imagine ourselves there. Thanks for sharing!

Jonathan said...

You're welcome, thanks for your kind thoughts. It was a pretty good cruise even with the rain. Maybe nicer than usual, since it wasn't blindingly hot this year. I think everyone who actually showed up had a great time.