Saturday, August 06, 2005

Dance and Learn Chinese with Mei Mei!

Lauren took "Dance and Learn Chinese with Mei Mei" out of the library for Noah today!

Mrs. Mei Mei herself!

He knows Chinese...

and she knows Chinese!

What Noah thought of it.


Kendra Lynn said...

Oh man! Whenever I need a laugh, I visit your site! lol
That cracks me up that Noah wasn't too interested in Chinese.
I love it.

Judy said...

Tee hee!

Speaking of other languages, do you have any of the Baby Einstein stuff?

Leanne said...

That's pretty funny. My son (3 yrs old) has always done that with Baby Einstein, but loves the Mei Mei and makes me sing the songs with him even in the park and while I'm cooking. I would say try again when he is about two or three years older! And you are SO lucky to have those at the library. They cost me a bundle to buy. ps I'm just here via google re the mei mei videos, doing research on which next to buy my little fan.