Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Crooze and Shmooze

This is trivial compared to Lauren's last post, but I guess I should explain how we got ahold of the convertible that sparked Lauren's resurgent interest in self-awareness projects. This is her stepdad Ken's Jaguar. What a neat car! It's an XJS, and it is beautiful. We borrowed it for the weekend to participate in Temple Beth El's 2nd annual Crooze and Shmooze car show. Here's Noah learning to steer:

To borrow the flowery prose common to British car classifieds, Ken's car "is finished in British Racing Green over tan hides," and has the rare 5-speed manual transmission, one of his main reasons for purchasing the car. The stick definitely makes this a fun car, but the clutch is very stiff and the shifter throws very long, so you need to be deliberate and careful to drive it. It rewards smooth behavior. It has a 4.0 liter 6-cylinder engine, which is sufficient for motivating a really long, heavy car. For a two-seat roadster, this is a very big machine.

Crooze and Shmooze was OK but it was extremely hot so we didn't stay for the whole event. There were some interesting cars, several late 50's Chevys, a beautiful 58 Impala, and an interesting 67 Eldorado.

My dad came up because we thought it would be a bigger deal. It was still a fun time. We unsuccessfully tried to install the Sirius radio Daniel and Lauren and I got him for his birthday, but we could not get the suction cup mount to stick to his windshield, no matter what.

Noah Loves Zayde. Overall a great weekend and Ken was very generous to let us have the car, but it is always a bit nerve-wracking to drive someone's borrowed baby - especially your father-in-law's! Lauren's 100% right though, something about driving a convertible really frees you from whatever mundane stresses made up your day. Maybe we need to consider going topless after I sell the Integra - but we'll need to get something with four seats so we can share the joy a little.

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Judy said...

Very cute pics - I love the hat!