Wednesday, August 10, 2005

BBC NEWS | UK | Violence fear over new drink laws

Great Britain is changing their liquor licensing laws to allow longer operating hours for pubs. This is such a great quote on why British conservatives feel it will be a disaster:
Judge Charles Harris QC said a high proportion of British people become "pugnacious and bellicose" and "fight at the slightest provocation" after drinking.

Well at least they're not trying to ban tailgating. He continues, regarding the idea that binge-drinking prior to closing will decrease in favor of a more relaxed style:
"Continental-style drinking requires continental-style people - people who sit quietly chatting away at cafe tables."
He said British drinking involved "standing up, shouting at each other in crowded bars, trying to consume gallons of beer at a time".

The parallels between MSU and all of England are really striking, no wonder it was the most popular study-abroad.

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