Friday, August 19, 2005

Baldwin-Motion Camaro

I love first-generation Camaros. They look right, they sound right, they're just great cars. My interest wanes with the 1970 model, but I the first three years produced great cars. My dad has a 1967 camaro convertible we are gradually gearing up to try to think about restoring, so I was naturally curious when I saw the press release announcing the re-introduction of the Baldwin-Motion Camaro, a name that harks back to the glory days of muscle cars, or about ten years before I was even born. If you have a stacks of paper and you want to go fast with character, you need THIS:

Marty Schorr was kind enough to send pictures and the press release, and based on what I have read I can't wait to see this car at the SEMA show this fall. The cars will be limited production coachbuilt vehicles with engines of up to 1,000 horsepower. Might want to buy Goodyear stock as a hedge against tire wear.

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