Monday, July 11, 2005

Only Simchas

Simcha - (seem-CHAH) The celebration of joy and a joyous occasion.
Well, I have to admit my new online obsession: Only Simchas. A "simcha" as you can see from above is the word for "a joy" in Hebrew. Only Simchas is a site where mostly orthodox Jews hop online and post about joyous events like engagements, marriages and births. It's a fascinating! I especially like the "Upsherin" posts and pictures. An upsherin is the event when a three year old boy has his hair cut, often with side curls (peyos) and is then given a yamulke and tzitzit and taught the hebrew aleph-bet. He is now ready to study the Torah. I love the pictures of little, wild three year old boys with long flowing hair. Those are the "before" shots. Although I have personal issues with organized religion, I often think it must be nice to be orthodox, you have your life laid out for you from day one, a tight knit community of family and friends and a God that you trust without question. Then again, freedom is nice too. Regardless, check out the site, it's great!

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