Friday, July 15, 2005

It's Noah!


Judy said...

I got distracted yesterday before I could post - how in the world do you get him to sleep like that in your bed? Tyler comes in our bed and all of the sudden, it is romper room central! I would love to snuggle down under the sheets with him and snooze away, but no matter what time it is (this morning, it was 6:10), he's wide awake and ready to party!

Lauren said...

Hi Judy! The whole reason we have a picture of Noah in our bed posted is because he NEVER snuggles up in our bed too. Yeah, romper room, trying to climb all over us and off the bed. This time I gave him his last bottle in my bed at 8:00 after a long day. I rubbed his back and eventually he went to sleep. It was so cute and I just couldn't bear to put him back in the crib! I just had to snap some pics.