Saturday, July 09, 2005

Genius Boy

Our son is a genius! At just 7.75 months, not only does he stand up and cruise, he surfs the web too! That's right, today I found out that he just loves the "Elmo's World" website. Like a miracle from God, I actually found something that keeps his attention for more than 15 minutes! I was searching for a specific Elmo toy and this page popped up. As soon as the Elmo song began to play Noah turned to the screen and burst out laughing. He drooled all over my keepboard, pressed the keys and giggled for a half hour. I used to think Elmo was the most annoying muppet ever made, but now, you better belive it, I love that guy! Thanks Elmo.


Judy said...

There used to be an online, downloadable, free (but I don't think it is anymore) program called Baby Type. It would convert your keyboard into a baby's playground - nothing could disable it (except your sequence of keys to turn it off) and every key they hit puts up an image and a sound - Travis LOVED it. I really need to see if it is still out there, but I thought I heard that they were charging for it...of course, that was 5 years ago!

Judy said...

Here's the link to the BabyType website - they have a 10 day free trial that you can do - Noah would LOVE it! I'll probably download it for Tyler once we get through this week with all our church activities and get back into some sort of routine.