Monday, July 25, 2005

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Kendra Lynn said...

Hey Lauren:
You look so cute with your hair that way! Wish mine looked cute like that. :)
Love you.

Judy said...

Love the hair! My hair is so thin it would NEVER look that cute!

Your wedding pics are GREAT! That is an awesome place where you got married - the ceiling is AMAZING! I loved the rose centerpieces on the tables, too!

Lauren said...

Thanks you guys, that's very nice of you. Actually, my post baby hair is STILL falling out! I used to have much thicker hair. :( Oh well, Noah pulls on it all the time, maybe I should just cut it all off. Hey Judy, by the way, we got married on Valentines Day. It was coincidence, the only day the reception site was open. Hey! Kendra, meet Judy, Judy, Kendra. You two would like each other! Judy, is your Dad a pastor too?!

Judy said...

Yes, he is a Methodist Minister - haha! Nice to "meet" you Kendra!

I know what you mean about your hair falling out - mine is EVERYWHERE. I started taking prenatal vitamins again (not because I need them - haha - but because I still had some left over) and that seems to have slowed up the hair loss quite a bit.

Lauren said...

Cool! Good tip, thanks again Judy!!! :)

Jeremy said...

You totally look like Meg White.

Kendra Lynn said...

Hi Judy..nice to meet do you know Lauren? I'm new to this blog conversation
My hair didn't fall out with either kid, Lauren...very sorry I can't help you on that.
And I definitly don't think you should cut if off...your hair is beautiful long.
LOve ya.

Laura said...

My hair is still kind of thick 2 years after having Caitie but nothing like it used to be. That's okay though, in this insane heat, I don't know if I'd want any more hair than this and I have short hair!