Friday, July 08, 2005

BAR to… Bonneville: Formula One team will run one of its cars at Salt Flats

I love Hondas, the engines more than the styling. I had an black 2000 Civic Si that I loved (my first car as an employed person, demolished by a careless Detroit City bus in 2001), and I still have an Acura Integra, currently at Berkeley Collision (a lady backed her Tempo into the front bumper at Dunkin' Donuts). I am selling the Integra (GS-R, any takers?) because I don't want to insure three cars at Detroit prices, and then I won't have a Honda product in the garage for the first time in five years. It will be sad because there is (literally) nothing like a car with an 8000 RPM redline, and places like Woodward Avenue or I-696 to take it out on at night. It was awesome to drive the Acura on Highway 1 north of San Francisco, although Lauren might feel differently about the view from the passenger seat (especially on the ocean side). Thirty-five feels pretty fast when there is a cliff on one side and a 200-ft drop into the Pacific on the other.

Anyway, the point is that I just read that BAR-Honda is going to try to top out a Formula 1 car on the Bonneville Salt Flats just to see how fast it'll go. Probably a bit quicker than me on Woodward (their estimate is 250 MPH), but their premiums are probably astronomical. It's just cool to do something for no reason other than it can be done.

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