Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Parents are Dorks

I went home for lunch today to eat with Noah and I had some Trader Joe's udon. Lauren added an egg for protein and I ate, appropriately, standing at the kitchen counter, like a salaryman on his lunch break. Noah got sweet potatoes all over himself, his tray, his toys, and Lauren. He went right into the sink after lunch for a bath, which is why he was eating in the kitchen in the first place. He has a new hobby, spraying food in all directions, especially if it is vegetable based. I agree with him on jarred peas, which are intolerable, but I think the rest is just about finding out he has the ability to blow food out of his mouth onto his unsuspecting parents. Somehow, it gets us every time - we never see it coming.

He sure loves the tub though, and we realized today that he is capable of understanding positive reinforcement when he splashed again after we clapped for his splashing. Lesson: Do something cute, and your parents act like grinning dorks.

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Judy said...

I'm so with you on the food spitting - Tyler doused all of us in carrots tonight. That orange STAINS!!!!