Thursday, June 16, 2005

Ode to A.D.D.

Oh me, oh my
I'm supposed to be folding the laundry
The baby's asleep, he's taking a nap
And as usual, you've BAITED YOUR TRAP!

The old pile of mail that I had to go through 
It's been sitting and growing since April twenty-two
And the guinea pig needed a little snack
And the living room rug seemed a bit moved
So I moved it back

The mantle was dusty and I noticed the shelves were too
And I watched my sea monkeys for a while 
And then looked for my shoe

The "Unsolved Mysteries" made me stop and watch when this kid found his Dad 
And after that I did some dishes and started a new recycling bag

I meant to begin folding the laundry and went into our room
But my camera started working again
and it was INSTANT ADD DOOM!

So I took some pictures of me and tried to take some of my cat
But she wouldn't cooperate, so I had to stop doing that

And the baby started crying, he woke up from his nap
the laundry still needed folding and I thought: "Oh crap!"

"Are there clean socks?", tomorrow morning Jon will say to me
And that's when I'll point to the pile of laundry
And say "oops! sorry! must have been my ADD."


Judy said...

Love your poem! I may have to have my husband read it so he will understand where all my time goes every day! HAHA

Tyler loves to fold laundry - I spread it out on my bed and plop him in the middle. When I pick up a piece - shirt/pants/towel...whatever - we play peek-a-boo with it while I fold. Sometimes it is over his head and sometimes over mine. Fun stuff!

Also, that sling could help you out during the fold time, too.

Hmmm...interesting how I can come up with all this advice while my own laundry piles higher and higher on the bed, waiting for DH to get home and fold it for me!

Anonymous said...

Oh me, oh my
Your A.D.D.
D-da Laundry beckoning
Old mail needs reckoning
Snacking little pig
Moving rug a bit
Novel hand soap
Mantle dust motes
Sea monkies watching you
not seeing your pink shoe.

Chat with Robert Stack
Starting a recycling sack
Laundry on the rack
A photography attack
with camera-shy cat.

Oh me, oh my
Your A.D.D.
and unfolded laundry --
I can't imagine a more interesting day,
Nor that we who love you would have you another way