Sunday, June 05, 2005

Obasan Yuko Came to Visit!

Yes, that is Aunt Yuko looking surprised yet secretly delighted at the can of "Sofia Mini" champagne we gave her. Noah looks slightly intrigued also. One of my Mothers Day gifts, Sophia Minis are a great invention. They come in a 4-pack in little cans with cute bubbles printed on the outside and tiny straws just like the juice boxes we used to drink from in 5th grade. Well, my drinkboxes weren't champagne, they were juice. Check the link out. From Francis Ford Coppola's vineyard in Nappa and named after his beloved daughter, Sophie. Hmm..Lauren Minis.

Noah has a crush on Yuko.

That's me opening the lovely gift that Yuko brought to us from her sweet Mom. They were delicious! Omochi...kind of a glutenous rice ball. You've gotta trust me.

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