Wednesday, June 15, 2005


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While sitting and playing is something Noah enjoys (pictured here), his new favorite past time is performing his impersonation of a bucking bronco, which I promise to snap a picture of and post soon. What I mean by bucking bronco is that Noah now has a fondness for getting up on his hands and feet until his feet kind of go up in the air a bit and he falls down. It's funny because he has everything mastered, he can get on his hands and knees, let alone feet, he can move his arms like a pro and pivot in a circle at the speed of light, he can sit on his knees, pull him self up to a stand on furniture and even stand up holding on to things alone for a few minutes, but he has yet to actually crawl. When I worry, Sarah reminds me that he is even a bit young to crawl and that Noah is already almost there. I just stress because the poor guy seems so frustrated at times when he spys an object across the room that he wants to get to (ie. the cat, dirty pair of socks, dust bunny). I know, I just KNOW once he gets locomotion, this boy will be the proudest and most thrilled little guy ever! I'm already the most proud Mom but I will be really excited for him too.

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Judy said...

He'll be there before you know it, and then he will have new things to cry about, like the stuff he can't reach or have! And then watch out for your kitchen cabinets because Tornado Baby will surely land in your home!

Tyler is crawling - BACKWARDS. He cries the entire time. Very sad for him, but way funny for us!