Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Happy Birthday to Me!

Happy Birthday to me! I'm getting pretty OLD! Only two more years until I buy a condo and move to Boca!
By the way, Noah is crawling backwards, yeah!!! He also somehow squirms forward, but he is best at pivoting in circles on his hands to get around the room. I told him it would be less work just to crawl to where he wants to go but he already doesn't listen to Mom's opinion. Noah is also a great climber these days. He climbed out of the sink while taking a bath, he climbed out of the baby pool and the other day he climber into the saucer part of his exersaucer. His favorite though is climb Mt. Mom. Well, he just climbed into the car and it looks like he has the keys so I'd better go!


Laura said...

Happy Birthday Lauren! Hope that you have a very memorable one. Don't worry, you're not that old, yet! *wink*

Judy said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! Have a good one! Maybe Noah can practice blowing out candles on your cake (or slobbering on them!).