Thursday, May 12, 2005


Last night I bought some of these great flaxseed rolls from Papa Joe's. At about $.59 each, they're not cheap but they are extremely good (and incidentally healthy), and they are also much a better value than buying a whole bread that will go stale before I finish it (I know Bubby, I can keep it in the fridge. It still gets stale before I'm done).

They make amazing toast, which I especially like grilled. We have a grill attachment on our stove which is useless except for toast.

Here is some D'Artagnan mousse trouffe, with chicken and turkey livers, duck fat and 2% truffles. It goes great on the flax rolls.

So here is this wonderful lunch, for less than the cost of a pot pie at a bad "family" restaurant or a large burrito. I estimate the cost at around $4 for today's lunch, but I also got to see Lauren and Noah and drink club soda right from the 2-Liter, which you can't do at Panera.

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