Thursday, May 05, 2005

HB Ride Update

I see this guy near my office all the time. Giant chrome wheels, chrome door handle, deep tints, two-tone paint. The overall effect is quite subtle. I wish I could get the front view so you could see the gold grille. Sweet truck.

Check it out - someone bought this! It was sitting in front of the Chrysler dealership on Woodward in Royal Oak for a long time, but what makes it special is that this specific car (I'd bet just about anything) was featured on (excuse me, derided in) and in the Detroit News. I think they're just hating, this is hot, right?

I peeped this beauty in the Best Buy parking lot - a perfect mother's day gift for the pink-loving young mom in my household, no? Too bad I could not hang around to make an offer.

Yup, this is a Kia SUV on dubs.

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