Thursday, May 05, 2005

Dos Toledos

I have posted before about Two Toledos, a documentary that my friends Jacob David and Joel Washing are making. Now they have posted a new trailer on the Two Toledos web site (also see links bar), and it is the first look into the movie. Check it out at the link. I'll let Jacob and Joel tell you about the project in their own words:

The viewer will be taken on a trip to Spain and America highlighting the important work and lives of the artists that enrich the cultures of the two Toledos. The benefit of the relationship between these two sister cities continues through the exchange of dignitaries, students, and artists. The overriding goal of this documentary is to create a stronger
cultural bridge that will bring the people of both communities closer
together and to foster future artist exchanges. This film will coincide
well with the upcoming 75th anniversary of the relationship between
the two Toledos.

By the way, don't forget to check out their short film "Jacob and Joel" on the Above the Shop Studios web site! It's extremely funny.

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