Thursday, April 14, 2005

Two Birds With One Stone

Most Moms would agree that time is a hot commodity. With not enough hours in the day when babies,husbands,dishes and the laundry call, most of us lose out on "me time". One of my personal favorites for "me time" is walking outside, although the "me" turns into "us time" as Noah is always there. Sarah and I have tried to walk every weekday that we can. It's been great. The only problem that I've been having is that after a while,Noah squirms, turns red and starts to wail, hoping to get out of his stroller. I've tried to put him in sitting up and looking forward. While interesting for a while, he always gets tired of sitting around. Next on Sarah's suggestion I Baby Bjorned Noah. That worked great for a while but after about 15 minutes of walking with nearly 20lbs. on your chest it's just a back breaker.

Introducing the "Snugli Crossroads Baby Backpack"! After reading some great reviews (and out of boredom while Jon was out of town), I decided to try it out. This newest baby gadget is great! It's much easier to carry his weight on my back rather than my chest and Noah loves sitting way up high.

The best part.... with so much to do in a day, I realized this backpack can help me get things done and have "me time" at the same time! Yep, Noah and I went grocery shopping with the backpack. Not only was I able to get everything on my list AND keep Noah entertained without a public crying fit, I also got a great 60 minute walking workout! Walking all around the store and carrying 20lbs on your back while pushing a cart really makes you huff and puff in no time! I'm guessing the same thing happens when you strap Noah on and do the vacuuming.

The only downside: while at the grocery store I did get slimed on the shoulder once with white, chunky spit up and then there was the back of my head full of drool and not to mention the fact that he tore huge chunks of hair out of my ponytail holder....

But hey! I'm a Mom now and I should just be thankful for any "me time" I can get....

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Judy said...

Okay, you had me almost about to buy one of these up until the slimage...Tyler would be bathing me in puke if I tried this, and I'd be bald before we even hit the door of the grocery store.

But, he looks soooooooo cute in it! Glad he likes it so much!