Friday, April 08, 2005


I got a great haircut today at lunch time. This new place, Trim, has been open in Royal Oak for about a month. I drove by last week, and when I called this morning to see if they cut men's hair, I was told it was their specialty. The pole in front should have been a tip-off, but the exterior is nice-looking to the point where you think, "salon."

I needn't have worried. The concept is sort of like an upscale, old-school barber shop, with a big Plasma, comfy barber chairs and a nice reception area. It is much better looking than this over-exposed picture I took with my phone. After it gets rolling Saturday mornings will probably be a big hang-out time in the lobby. The amenities are nice, but you are there for the haircut, and I have to say I was extremely pleased with my new 'do. My stylist was Shannon, a veteran of Palozzolo in Royal Oak, and I was very confident she would do a great job. As I mentioned I was not at all disappointed, and I am ready for some big appointments I have next week.

I spent another few minutes on the way out talking with Dan, Trim's owner, and he has a real vision for where he wanst to take his business. I'll definitely be back, and I am recommending that you try it. It is at 1213 Lincoln in Royal Oak. Write me at howbourgeois at and I will give you one of the half dozen $5 off coupons Dan gave me.


sidemullet said...

Yeah, but how much did your haircut cost? Is Trim simply another Salon 6, or is the smarm factor on "low" (hopefully)?

Jonathan said...

I have not been to Salon 6, but I had a good experience at Trim. I am going to go back next week, because it has been more than a month and I need a cut. Smarm factor was low to non-existent (the place was pretty low-key, no bad techno or attitude) and the haircut was $20 - they gave me a bunch of $5 coupons though so if you would like to try it I can mail you one. Overall I liked it a lot.