Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Is this sweet or what?

This is my new Jeep! It is "Light Khaki" with a Khaki interior. Driving it home Monday, I was somewhat chagrined that at 27, having grown up in Toledo, home of the Jeep, that this is my first one. I love that the GC is built right here on Jefferson Avenue in Detroit, and so far it is just great.

Now look, it gets 2 miles per gallon and I have rolled it already, but that's OK because a friend of mine gave me their Chrysler employee discount. I ordered the V6 (I exercised some restraint) with four-wheel drive. The standard 3.7 Liter V6 has plenty of punch and actually I'm averaging about 17 MPG in the city, which is not bad on an unbroken-in engine, and I am expecting it to improve. I think the next upgrade, the 4.7 Liter V8, would have been fun overkill. At any rate it is no Toyota Prius, but I do think it offers a nice balance of size, power and economy. Perhaps I will feel differently if gas hits $3 a gallon, but for now I am having fun.

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Judy said...

Is that a NEW car I see? I wouldn't know what to do with a NEW car.

It is very pretty!