Thursday, March 31, 2005

A Warming Trend

It is finally getting warm enough in Detroit to go out. The last few days we have been walking around downtown Birmingham so Noah can get some air and we can all get out of the house a little. We usually get a cup of coffee to walk with and spill on the back of the stroller, and oddly, we seem to end up at Anthropologie every time. Yesterday Lauren found "the most beautiful skirt I have ever tried on," so I have a feeling that we will be back for it. It is some type of fabric, I think, with many, many sequins. Noah and I don't mind this at all because by the time we get there he's asleep and I make phone calls and take thoughtful self-portraits and arty pictures of fabrics hanging from the ceiling. As for this picture, I took it the other day right before we left, and both of these people are just as cute in real life.


Anonymous said...

They're both WAY cuter!

ilya said...

L., you look hot, forrils. Miss you all, alot.