Tuesday, March 01, 2005


There are moments when life is so still and quiet and perfect. And you can't imagine that imperfection and mediocrity exists out there.

I suppose in the midst of all of our trials,our mundane distastes, it's moments likes these that we should snapshot and file away.

It's 2:30am and I have just fed Noah. The snow is coming down, yet another storm, 5 to 7 inches they say. Perhaps the last of the season. The earth is sparkling.

I remeber a story or more the look on her face. A woman in my water aerobics class swam up to me one day in late October as we practiced balencing in the deepend of the pool. "You're so lucky" she said. Her daughter, now thirty, was also a November baby, as Noah was to be. "I remember that first winter with my baby. There was snow, so much snow. It just came down and down. I remember the 2:00am feedings in the dark, holding my baby in front of the window and watching the snow fall. I miss those nights" she said. I felt sad to hear this for some reason, but her eyes were more sad and more distant than I have ever seen, as she swam around her memory from such a long time ago.

So instead of being tired, instead of feeling cranky woken up out of my sleep. I realize tonight, this perfect, silent night, all I need to do is hold Noah and watch the hushed snow fall and remember.

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