Thursday, March 10, 2005

HB Produce Thursday Presents: The Avocado!

Simply put, my favorite fruit. I love avocados like nothing else edible. When we moved to California the avocados were a revelation - ripe, tasty, best when just smashed into guacamole but wonderful with tuna salad, field greens, sandwiches, smoothies...I just liked them so much. I ate as many as I could - in all seriousness I tried to eat one every day. The best ones were from Trader Joe's in Colma and were generally a little underripe, but you could find good ones ready to eat in the produce markets on Irving Street near our house in the Sunset. I only purchased them at Safeway in dire avocado emergencies, because they tended to be much more expensive.

This nine-year old link from the California Rare Fruit Growers, Inc. has a lot of valuable information about avocados including botanical data, culture, and additional reading, as well as blurbs on specific avocado varieties. My personal favorite is the basic Hass, "the standard of the industry." Why mess with perfection?

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