Thursday, February 24, 2005

HB Produce Thursday Presents: The Snow Pea!

When I was a student at Michigan State, my tuition costs were higher than most people's because I was an out-of-state student. Summer work experience in the produce department at Kroger tought me that snow peas were very expensive compared to most green vegetables - and there happened to be a constantly replenished bin full of snow peas in the Case Hall cafeteria salad bar. I decided to obtain a "refund" on my fees by eating all of the snow peas I could, and while I am sure that MSU still got the better end of the deal financially, I got an education and didn't gain weight like most freshmen. How Bourgeois thus salutes the snow pea for its fresh, delicate taste, it's appropriately vibrant green-ness, and the sense of well being one gets from an extremely fresh and crispy pod. At their freshest, snow peas epitomize the best in vegetation when cooked or eaten raw - so let's get going! There is lots to learn about this delightful legume.

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