Tuesday, February 08, 2005

HB Introduces: Poetry Wednesday

My friend Anonymieux will begin his weekly poetry submission to How Bourgeois tomorrow; so here is a taste to get everyone all excited:

The fabric and tapestries are woven
with cashmere, mol-hair, cotton,
with satin, leather, latex and wire.
Threads and lace equal parts bliss and blood
combined into the living cloth
Some threads strangling the limbs
Some threads caressing the skin
Every shirt, skirt, toga and dress
bringing pangs of flesh and flush of pains
But without fabric and tapestries wove
exposed eunuchs, numb with cold.

Isn't that great???!! Definitely for a mature audience though, and I am not sure what that bliss and blood part is about. We might need to get Anonymieux to annotate. I can't wait to see what shows up tomorrow.

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