Thursday, January 27, 2005

Pagina oficial del GARBANZO

This is a crazy Spanish food site, with an introductory essay that Alta Vista translates thusly:

"We are a group of friends whom we like the good one for eating and for giving the great pleasure us to taste a SPANISH STEW It enchants east subject of gossip to us for that reason once to the month we go where it is necessary to prove the chosen one And although always is preferred the SPANISH STEW in the lunch usually does not have complaints if by somebody botillo of the Bierzo is suggested good or fabes with clams"

Click on "Recetas" and it goes on to state:

"There is no region in Spain that does not count on its own prescription of the spanish stew, with its own particularitities. The lebaniegos, mountain, maragatos spanish stews, pote Galician, escudella, the canary stew, the rotted pot..., at heart share the same idea of adapted a healthy and nutritious complete plate to the characteristics of the zone in which it is prepared, all of them within the so Spanish tradition of the spoon kitchen "". Of all these "stews" For us, the MADRILENIAN SPANISH STEW is without doubt the best gastronomical delight than to taste itself it could at any time and place (safe with temperatures superior to the 30 degrees Celsius), like better representative of the gastronomy Madrilenian, not too extensive or well-known but exquisite and nonfree of variety. Proximamente we will go including in these paginas tipicas prescriptions but of the Madrilenian kitchen, and spanish stews in general, without trying to be I simply catalogue exhaustive but an acceptable reference to these subjects that interest to us."

Click on "Cocido" under "Cocina madrilena" to view this recipe. I will be trying it our myself (sans blood sausage - which is available in Birmingham but why?)

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