Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Krispy Kreme Shares Jump as Chief Is Ousted

There is nothing not to like about this story (unless you bought Krispy Kreme last March or happen to be the CEO) - it has intrigue, food, accounting irregularities...but the article only obliquely addresses whether their donuts are any good.

I happen to like them, but I also know many people who definitely prefer the cake-ier donuts at the competition. For coffee I definitely prefer Dunkin' Donuts - but that might be a factor of being able to turn right off of 14 Mile into DD on the way to work, while having to go left and into the Oakland Mall parking lot for KK.

This issue merits further research. Stay tuned for updates.

The New York Times > Business > Krispy Kreme Shares Jump as Chief Is Ousted

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